My name is Adam and I build every stall bar by hand, right here on the coast of Maine. I source materials locally whenever possible and exercise best woodworking practices for furniture quality results.

Our area is famous for its lobsters and lighthouses, but is also home to a surprising number of expert furniture craftsmen and women, with international clientele. It is also the home of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, one of the most highly regarded woodworking schools in the country. All this expertise in one place creates a culture where there is no shortage of qualified help, new ideas on how to make better wall bars, or sources of material.

It is my intention to provide a one-stop source for high quality equipment for the Schroth method of scoliosis therapy, as well as stall bars for studio and home fitness use. If you don't see what you're looking for let me know. I am constantly looking to expand my range of products and can build almost any type of stall bar you may require; custom orders are always welcome!


Regards, Adam Bickford